A fast-paced platform adventure game in development for the C64.

Take on the role of Hare as he journeys in search of his ancestral home,


The sound and music are a big part of any C64 game and we intend to do justice to the SID chip! Wild Wood is full of atmospheric and dramatic pieces, alongside catchy, energetic compositions.

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Beautiful, full-screen bitmaps intersect every stage.


Every level has its own population of special enemies, perils and rewards, expertly animated; totalling over a hundred unique types so far.

Explore diverse levels including moonlit fields, ancient ruins and cavernous warrens, venturing deep into the ominous woods!

Enjoy vast multi-directional levels, high-speed side-scrolling chases, mighty bosses and much more.

Along the way there are characters to meet and items to aid you – as well as hidden secrets and bonus stages.



Level backdrops and landscapes are on a scale rarely encountered in any C64 game, intricately detailed, full of variety and dotted with huge iconic structures.

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You will need all of Hare's superior agility and speed to survive the treacherous trails and outmanoeuvre numerous enemies and hungry predators.

Do you have what it takes to enter the Wild Wood and live to tell the tale?

the Ancient Wild Wood Warrens.


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