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How can I get a better sense of what's to come during development?

Check here regularly or sign up to our mailing list for the latest Wild Wood news.


When will Wild Wood be released?

Progress is steady, we would hope that the game will near completion by Summer 2023.

What formats will Wild Wood be released on?

Wild Wood will be available on a 1 MB Cartridge, Disk and as a Digital download for the C64; we are also considering a C128 Cartridge version. Wild Wood will be compatible with SDIEC2, C64 Mini and C64 Maxi. Each hard copy comes with a manual.

Why is this game C64 only?

Because the Commodore 64 is the single biggest selling home computer of all time and has unique style and sound which speaks to something beyond nostalgia.

How do I buy a copy of Wild Wood when it is released?

The game will be available to buy through this website and via                              

Visit our News page for the latest updates.

How much will Wild Wood cost to buy?

As yet a price point is not exactly established. We are using a 1 MB cart and premium packaging, once these costs are factored in we want to make the game as affordable as possible.

How often will the website be updated?

We aim to update the website with news approximately once or twice a month.

How can I contact the devs and offer my input?

Feel free to contact the Team via Twitter or using our Contact Us form. Your thoughts are always welcome.

How can I support Wild Wood?

Support through Ko-fi is always welcome


Also, please like and share our work with your friends. Feel free to link to this site.

What Graphics Creation Tool do you use?

For creating game maps and sprites in the game I use the latest versions of Char Pad and Sprite Pad by Subchrist software:

For producing the many many bitmaps, I like to use Project one by Resource, it is very basic but I like it:

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